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Backyard Wrestling Entertainment



Founded By

Steven Hardy

Key People

Steven Hardy (Owner, President of Creative writing)

Wrestling Base

Backyard Ring


Stonewall, La


BWE (Backyard Wrestling Entertainment), is an independent backyard wrestling federation based in Shreveport, LA, founded in 2009 by Steven Hardy. BWE is known for its technical, puroresu, lucha libre and high-risk extreme spots more so then hardcore wrestling.



In 2003, Steven Hardy, Stone Hardy & The Joker started up HWO, after 6 years of hardcore wrestling Steven Hardy had a change in mind and wanted start up a federation of his own, so in late 2009 he started up BWE. BWE will be more focused on technical wrestling then hardcore wrestling, Steven Hardy will be adding more of a storyline base then just random matchs. BWE Season 1 is in process and is scheduled to start airing on youtube in early 2010.


BWE kicked off on November 9th, 2009, with a tournmant to crown the first ever BWE Champion. Jimmy Nitro defeated his brother Nitro, Stone Hardy defeated Criss Chaos & Steven Hardy defeated The Kid after the match The Kid and Criss Chaos attacked Steven Hardy Stone Hardy & Jimmy Nitro came to his save Steven Hardy tried to shake Jimmy Nitro's hand Jimmy Nitro act as he didn't want too, so Steven Hardy he him with his new finisher The Bang (RKO).


BWI Fastest Rising Federation of 2009