Death Death Documentary is a 2007 Australian film directed and produced by KidCrusher.

It is a compilation of Backyard Wrestling "Greatest Hits" from the Australian company XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault. Its first 3 volumes were released on VHS at Blockbuster Video Australia between 2003-2005 before being remastered and re-released in 2007 for DVD after the XBA disbanded.

The remastered version features a licensed soundtrack by Industrial Strength Records, including; Lenny Dee, The Berzerker, Moshpit and more.

Wrestlers featured on the documentary include; Shawn Montague, BITCH, The Desecrator, Kryptic, Malakian and featuring cinematography by: Korax and Peter Because.

The project is distributed by Victim Gear and is still available today.

Soundtrack Edit

Tracklist Edit

1 –Lenny Dee & Delta 9 No More Regrets
2 –DJ Head* Extreme Terror
3 –DJ Jappo Vs Lancinhouse* The Outtro
4 –The Berzerker Final Sacrafice
5 –Moshpit We Killed Jah
6 –UVC* & Narotic* Industrial Strength
7 –Steinkind Wut
8 –DOA* Total Annihilation
9 –F.U.H.D. Konkrete Jungle\
10 –Riff Glitchard Instant Mash
11 –Dummy Plug* You Smoke
12 –Lenny Dee & Unexist XBAXBA
13 –KidCrusher Killin' Shit!
Featuring – Chico (29), Trips (3)
14 –Bawdy Festival Freak Side
Death Death Documentary

Death Death Documentary

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