E.U.S.C.W full tittle know as Extreme Ultimate Showdown Challenge Wrestling is an upcoming Backyard wrestling show on the web.


The Destruction Icon (owner & wrestler)

The Maxx A.K.A Maxx Pain

Zach-o-little mac


Barry Hays

TimTim Mahaney

Big Mac

Mike Burger

Greg (Unknow Last Name)

Phil "The Masked Man" Brett

Davi Maia

Justin Smits (Probably Joining)

Jaden (Unknow Last Name)

Dorin (Unknow Last Name)

Tommy (Unknow Last Name)

Johnny Mahaney

Nikhil Sharma (Probably Joining)

Guga Souza (Probably Joining)

Bossy Boung It (Probably Joining)

(more updates are coming soon)

Tag Team[edit | edit source]

The Destruction Icon & Zach-o-little mac (The hardcore Hits)

TimTim Mahaney & Big Mac

The Maxx & Johnny Mahaney

Mike & Barry (Pay The Doctor Boy!)

Phil "The Masked Man" Brett & Guga Souza (The Family)

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