Junior Wrestling Federation (JWF) World ChampionshipEdit

This is the list of Championship reigns over the corse of JWF History. This happened over JWF's 7-year History. The title has changed hands 20 times. The Most reigns is held by JWF Legend, Mustang. The first female to win the title was Senorita Diablo. The shortest reign is tied to Vamp Tyler and Angel Red, whom both lost it the same day, to Mickie Frost and Jack London respectively. The longest reign was Jack "Anaconda" London who held the title 11 months in his first reign after defeating CJ in Febuary 2011. The current champion is Dragonito whom is in his first reign, and is also the youngest person to hold the belt.

Wrestler # of Reigns Reason
Mustang 1 Won Gauntlet Match.
CJ 1

Beat Mustang at X-Games.

Mustang 2

Defeated Ceejay in a Triple threat match.

Mickie Frost 1

Won Battle Royal.

Senorita Diablo 1

Defeated Mickie in a Street Fight.

Ching-A-Ling 1

Defeated Senorita.

  • Was Bumble Bee at the time

of reign.*

Mustang 3

Won Gauntlet.

Lexi Madison 1

Won agaisnt Mustang and CJ.

Holly Morgon 1

Won in a Fatal Four Way.Which included Lexi, CJ and Mickie Frost.

Mickie Frost 2

Beat Holly Morgon and Lexi Madison in Handicap Match.

CJ 2

Defeated Mickie Frost.

Mustang 4 Beat CJ.
Vacated ~ Mustang was injured.
CJ 3 Won in Match against Sniper.
Lexi Madison 2

Won in a Title Tag Team Match.

Mustang 5 Defeated Lexi Madison in Gauntlet.
Lexi Madison 3

Defeated Mustang in her rematch. Match included Mickie, Sniper and CJ.

Vamp Tyler <1

Won in Triple Threat Rematch. This Match included Mickie and Lexi.

  • First Triple Threat was for KO! Championship

weeks before.

Mickie Frost 3

Defeated both Lexi and Vamp Tyler that same day.

CJ 4 Beat Mickie in Street Fight.
Angel Red <1 Defeated CJ and Mustang in Triple threat match.
Jack London 1 Beat Angel Red after Ching-a-Ling granted him a match.
Dragonito 1 Defeated Jack London in the Valentines Day 2012 event, a month before Jack held the title a year.
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