Sychotic Wrestling Entertainment or just s.W.e is an upcoming Backyard Wrestling League Show witch its going to be posted up on YouTube


There are who or may probably join s.W.e here are the results

  • MP-40 (Also the creator of s.W.e)
  • Puff Daddy
  • Justin Walker
  • Max Smith
  • Xian Apdian
  • Alex Pelczarski
  • Ryan (Unknow Last Name)
  • Micheal Kean
  • The Maxx A.K.A Maxx Pain
  • Mike Burger
  • Barry Haze
  • Greg (lastname is hard to spell lOl and May probably join)
  • Phil Brett (probably joing)
  • David Maria (probably joing)

(More Updates)

Tag TeamEdit

  • Pay The Doctor Boy A.K.A $Pay Tha Doc't Boi

(Members are Mike Burger and Barry Haze)

  • MP-40 and Puff Daddy
  • Micheal Kean and Max Smith
  • Greg and Phil Brett

(More Updates)

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